Chassis from all brands

Best performance due to optimal set up


The basis to achieve the best performance on track is the ideal set up of your chassis. Modern karts are sensitively designed constructs and gravely react to inconsistencies.  We will take care of setting up your kart starting with the frame and will ensure you are off to a great start. Should you need to have a full service or even an overhaul and repair of the frame, VPD Racing are ready to assist.

Balancing your chassis with the right tyres

Modern tyres are distinguished by their excellend race qualities. In turn however, that they are becoming increasingly more challenging as the temperature window is decreased and therefore this requires the demands on the chassis are higher. If the chassis is too hard on the tyres, their performance can decline quickly and the speed will be reduced. We are your partner to achieve the optimum balance between chassis and tyres for continuously high performance.

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Control and repair of chassis

In our local and well equipped workshop for all your karting needs, we can offer check ups and repairs for chassis and frames with a high degree of competence and care. Even the smallest impacts can cause issues on sometimes hidden parts which can lead to noticable changes in the driving performance.

We work with high-grade instruments, measuring devices and equipment for quick and exact works on chassis of karts from all brands. Our goal is always to achieve optimal performance for our clients.