Colin jamie bönighausen

Colin Bönighausen becomes a shareholder at VPD Racing

The Austrian motorsport talent factory VPD Racing is
breaking new ground in promoting young talent: Colin
Bönighausen, who is only 18 years old, becomes a
shareholder of the team, bridging the gap between karting
and car racing.

- Racing driver Colin Bönighausen gets involved with VPD Racing
- Exchange of experience with benefits for karting customers


The Salzburg karting team VPD Racing led by Ernst Penninger
has already made numerous pilots better racing drivers and
has prepared them for their future career stages. One among
them is the German Colin Bönighausen. With the help of VPD
Racing, the 18-year-old successfully made the transition from
the KZ2 shift kart to the GT3 Cup Porsche last year. In 2023,
Colin will compete in the BMW M2 Cup as part of the DTM with
the aim of winning the championship title. However,
Bönighausen remains close to his motorsport roots and
underlines this relationship with an official part-ownership of
VPD Racing.

In this way, Colin continues to benefit from the know-how and
the large network of VPD Racing. On the other hand, he shares
his experience with the team and thereby supports its
customers. In addition, Colin Bönighausen will represent VPD
Racing as an "alumni" in car racing from now on, and he will
also be available as an instructor to both professionals and

Colin Bönighausen (li.) with Ernst Penninger (re.)

“VPD Racing made me what I am today”

Colin Bönighausen

“Colin's career path shows that, with the right attitude and great determination, you can make it into automotive racing even if the odds are stacked against you.”

Ernst Penninger

About Colin Bönighausen

Colin Jamie Bönighausen ("CJB"), born in Hanover (Germany) in 2005, has been involved in motorsport since he was ten years old. He is currently undergoing apprenticeship training to become a plant mechanic.


Like many racing drivers, the driver from Lower Saxony began his motorsport career in karting. The title in the ROK Cup Germany as well as numerous victories and top placings in the ADAC Kart Masters and the Rotax Max Challenge highlight Colin's career to date.


In 2022, he switched from racing karts to racing cars. He celebrated immediate success in the GT3 Cup Porsche and won the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe in both the Sprint and Endurance classifications.


In 2023, Colin Bönighausen will compete in the BMW M2 Cup as part of the DTM events.

deColin Bönighausen, new shareholder at VPD Racing:"VPD Racing has made me become the person I am today. I got to know and learnt professional thinking and working. The focus at VPD Racing is not only on results, but first and foremost on educating people to become better racing drivers. I like this philosophy, that's why I'm joining now. This way I can also give something back to the team in the future."

Colin Bönighausen

"Colin joined VPD Racing as a customer in 2019 and learned the sport, the technology and the business surrounding it with us. He is now taking this knowledge with him into car racing, without forgetting VPD Racing. He can become a role model for many other boys and girls in our team. Colin didn't have it easy in karting because he was simply too tall. But his path shows that with the right attitude and great commitment, you can make it in the world of motor racing despite barriers."

Ernst Penninger

CEO, VPD Racing

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