Robert Kurgyis

Professional Kart Technician

Nagykőrös, Hungary
By trade:
Professional Kart Mechanic
Years Karting:
14 years after my friend started karting and I was helping him
Driving what:
Sometimes I raced in amateur competitions
What's important?
  • For me personally in my work, the teamwork is the most important. The second thing is the cooperation with the driver and to listen to each other, and the humanity; to have respect.
  • In my work as a kart technician, good cooperation so as to analyze the information and find the ideal settings, plus a little bit of psychology work.
  • The goal for me is always the victory.

  • In life, is to live my life with a view to positive thinking.
    My family is the most important thing in my life.

Magic moments
  • As a driver is the victory.
  • As a technician is the victory too.
  • In this sport, you need the ability to learn and to win.